Who are the Band of Wandering Thieves?

We are a collective of musicians from in and around the Roman city of Chester in North West England, UK. We all share a passion for gypsy and upbeat folk music. Whether that is belly dance music from Turkey, Grecian or Cretan, Balkan, Eastern Europe, to North African Arabic, through Spain, Russia, Ireland or UK. If fact we don't care where its from, as long as it gets you all up and dancing. To coin a phrase used by one of our favourite bands The Turbans, it is music from manywhere!

The Story

Formed in mid 2018 by Rick from Rick Jones Art and Illustration and Ian from Analog Music Products, we wanted to bring a dose of pure joy and dance fever to the pubs, clubs and venues in and around the North West and who knows maybe further afield too.

Rick and Ian both have a long history of playing in bands and cover several instruments already between them. However we need more people to join us. Have a look below to see if you have the talent we are looking for. Why not drop us a line?

See you all soon! 2018

The Band of Wandering Thieves are:

This is the current line-up

Founder. Guitars, mandolin, saz, vocals

Founder. Glissentar, Oud, 12-string guitar, keyboards, ney, vocals

Fiddle and hurdy gurdy. Photo soon

Cajon, djembe, darbuka, doumbek and cool percussion. Photo soon

Bass, acoustic guitar, but not vocals!

Clarinet, flute, kaval, ney? Contact us!


Additionally we will probably have friends appearing with us from time to time, both on recordings and playing live.

Wandering Media

coming soon.

Wandering News

Jan 2019

We have started to write and piull together our first album. Work is slow, hampered by day jobs, but we are making progress. More updates soon.

Jun 2018

We finally have a site!

...and you're looking at it! Thank you.

Here is our Instagram feed:

Wandering Live

Once we are up and running we'll be posting dates here.


Please use the form to get in touch or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.